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It’s Time to Think About Purchasing a Gaming Chair for Your Home Office

If you don’t have a “gaming chair,” it’s probably something you’ve wanted for a long time—or didn’t even know existed.

Since car seat manufacturer DXRacer USA introduced a racing-inspired version in 2006, these chairs have gotten increasingly luxurious, designed to provide comfort and posture support for video gaming fans who spend hours a day sitting down. Several firms now specialise in them. Secretlab’s popular Omega chairs are available in 24 hues and variations, including “Dark Knight” for Batman fans and “House Lannister” for Game of Thrones fans.

The Omega 2020 is available in black Nappa leather (for $749). It’s a fantastic tool for gamers—or anyone working from home, for that matter.


  • The tracing Gaming Chair ($176) is made of less expensive materials than the Omega, but it has built-in Bluetooth speakers and a similar design. Because they can’t equal the quality of a decent room wide sound system, fans are divided on the value of this feature. But it’s a clever method for entertaining guests.
  • The Noblechairs Icon Black (€580, or $655) is a comfortable perch that serves as an administrative hub. It doesn’t scream, “I wish I were in a race car!” like many other gaming chairs do.
  • Herman Miller, the company behind Noguchi tables and Eames loungers from the 1960s, has teamed up with software company Logitech Inc. The new chairs will be available in the fall, with a price yet to be determined.


Gaming chairs have a high back and are designed to support the upper back and shoulders, neglected in most office chairs. Allowing those muscles to relax will help you sit straighter, more comfortably, and for longer periods. In addition, the Omega includes extra lumbar and head cushions that are very bouncy and can be adjusted to fit your needs. If you’re playing Halo with buddies at midnight or gripping your coffee during a Zoom meeting at 8 a.m., the sculpted indentations around the elbows allow for more free arm movement. Or you could do both. $749