Video Gaming is one of the varieties of play that has not declined over these years, but it increased. The fast development of technologies in this generation would not be complete without talking about gaming.

Computer games began with simple games where these games were simply guiding with a single button to fire/engage/start.  Fascinatingly, we are in the stage were simple Virtual Reality games are at currently.

After some time, these numerous of games have turned out to be progressively varied, mind boggling, innovative, and social. This is particularly true because of the gaining popularity of multi-player online games that they enjoy playing.

Some non-gamers say that being a gamer is a waste of time and bad for health. It’s not true. According to psychologists, there are benefits in being immerse to gaming like in cognitive, creative, motivational, social and even in emotional aspect, gaming can help in terms of psychological wellbeing of a person.

There are variety types of games you could choose like sandbox (open world), simulation, role play, adventure, fighting, action, shooter, strategy, card or board games, puzzle/brain games, sports, educational and many more you can enjoy.

This games or computer games can now be accessed on a wide range of variety of technology, you can easily play in your personal computers, tablets, phones or such as customized gaming machines like Xbox or PlayStation.